Construction progress of BT projects to 31.03.2017

To the present, 4 main roads in Thu Thiem have entered their finishing phase in order to get ready for the handover for use at the sections not under land occupation. Tree planting and traffic organization are implemented throughout the entire project. Below are photos of Road R1 – Cresent Boulevard, Road R2 – Central Lake Drive, Road R3 – Waterfront Park Drive Commercial, and Road R4 – Cresent – Delta Boulevard.

C4 intersection viewed from R3.

C24 intersection viewed from Luong Dinh Cua Street.

Road R1 – C2 intersection looking towards Bridge No. 6.

Road R1 and R2 – From C4 intersection looking towards Mai Chi Tho Boulevard

Road R2 – Looking from Bridge No. 15 towards C6 intersection.

Road R2 – C24 intersection looking towards C6 intersection.

Road R3 – R3 embankment.

Road R3 – From R3 embankment looking towards Mai Chi Tho Boulevard.

Road R3 – C4 intersection looking towards Bridge No. 17.

Road R4 – C4 intersection looking towards C5 intersection.